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The revolutionary BR-2 Dome Oven from Karrsen can roast and completely brown a 16 lb turkey in less than 2 hours -- half the usual time! And it makes wonderful pies, cakes and casseroles too. Spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying company. Makes a great gift for yourself, your friends or your loved ones.

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Karrsen develops groundbreaking new technologies in Housewares to save us time and make our lives just a little bit easier.

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"I rarely write reviews, but I highly recommend this product and wanted to share my experience with others.  I used my Dome Oven to cook a turkey breast.  It cooked in much less time than my stove oven.  It came out evenly browned and the meat was moist and tender.  As a plus, it was easy clean up too!"

"The meat comes out so moist it melts in your mouth and the flavor stays even afterwards.  I can't say enough about this oven.  I have never had anything so wonderful.  You need to buy it."

"This thing is amazing.  You can make just about anything in it.  Love it !!!"

"The Karrsen Dome Oven was new to Roaster Pro but is now one of my favorite pieces of cookware.  Don't pass up the opportunity to give this unit a try.  You may never cook the same again."  Read more >

- A Roaster Pro Favorite

"The New Way To Roast And Bake. This new Karrsen Dome Oven holds up to a 22-lb. turkey, but can also bake a 12-in. pizza, pot roast, cake and just about anything else a conventional oven bakes. And it does it faster, keeps food moister and is energy efficient." Read more >

- Farm Show Magazine

BR-2 Mini (Up To 6 lb Chicken or 8" Round Bake Pan)

BR-2 Junior (Up To 14 lb Turkey or 7" x 11" Bake Pan)

BR-2 Original (Up To 22 lb Turkey or 9" x 13" Bake Pan)


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