BR-2 Dome Oven Recipe - Dome Oven Steak

Another great example of 'Combo-Cooking' in the BR-2 Dome Oven.  Just sear in a grill pan and finish up in the BR-2.  Dinner in just a few minutes.  This combo cooking technique was developed and pioneered by Joey Karrsen specifically for our BR-2 Dome Oven & Roasters.

Delicious Dome Oven Steak

Preheat Dome Oven & Roaster to 450 degrees using the Reversible Rack in the High position.
Prepare preferred cut of Meat with favorite spices or rub.

Using a grill pan, sear both sides of meat on high to lock in juices (as per picture below).

BR- Dome Oven Steak - Sear First In Pan

Remove steaks from grill pan and place on the reversible rack in the Dome Oven & Roaster.
Place lid back on bottom pan and set timer for desired doneness. Approximate cooking times (for a 1” steak).

7 – 8 minutes = Rare

9 – 10 minutes = Medium Rare

12 - 13 minutes = Medium

15 or more minutes = Well Done

Simple and easy!


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