Our Story

"Simply put, our passion is in finding new and better ways to do things.
This is what Karrsen is all about."

Karrsen About Us

From our introduction of the world's first 'dual-heater' Multicooker to our Top-Browning Roasters and now our expanding line of Dome Ovens, Karrsen has always stood for innovations that use new approaches to deliver radically improved performance over traditional methods and appliances.

Our Dome Ovens were born out of the desire to find a better way to make the Thanksgiving turkey.  Through the use of a unique heated dome lid, cooking times were reduced by up to 51%.  What used to take 4-5 hours on Thanksgiving Day could now be accomplished in just 2-1/2.  Frozen chicken nuggets that once used to take 45 minutes from preheat to finish in a conventional oven, could now be done in just 15.

It was then that we decided to establish our new subsidiary MKE International Co., Inc. (Modern Kitchen Engineered) to bring our innovations to the world through our Karrsen®-branded appliances. 

With a corporate history dating back to 1975, we have more than 40 years of experience developing and bringing innovative new products to the marketplace. Appliances manufactured by our group of companies can be found in nearly every major retailer in North America today. MKE International has offices and warehouses on the both the East and West Coasts and to date we have been awarded more than 30 patents.